Manhattan ResearchPharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research releases a new white paper, "How Digital is Shaping the Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing". In this new complimentary report, Manhattan Research takes a broad look at the most important eHealth trends from their four U.S.-based physician and consumer studies. A few of the key highlights for marketers include:
  • The average physician spends a full work day (eight hours) per week using the Internet for professional reasons - a substantial jump from only 2.5 hours in 2002.
  • Consumers who visit product sites are nearly three times more likely than the average U.S. adult to request prescriptions by name from their doctors.
  • Virtually all U.S. physicians report that at least some of their patients bring health information they found online to an appointment, and more than two-thirds of physicians believe that this trend is a good thing. Additionally, the majority of physicians report they spend more time with a patient as a result of the information they brought in to discuss.

The report goes on to discuss how the digital shift among physicians and patients is changing the way that pharmaceutical companies need to market their brands and interact with customers. Also, the paper shares helpful resources for staying up-to-date on the latest digital pharma news and information.

Download the White Paper
Download the “How Digital is Shaping the Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing” white paper (PDF) here:

White paper topics include:

  • The latest eHealth and ePharma trends among consumers and physicians
  • Digital marketing strategies throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Action items for pharmaceutical marketers
  • Resource guide for staying ahead of the digital pharma curve

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