Manhattan ResearchApproximately three out of four U.S. nurses recommend health websites to patients, according to the inaugural Taking the Pulse® Nurses v9.0 study from healthcare and pharmaceutical market research company Manhattan Research. The market research and advisory service focuses on which technologies nurses have adopted, how they are currently using them, and how they plan to use them in the future.

The study found that nurses are very savvy when it comes to using technology for health. The average nurse spends eight hours per week online for professional purposes, which is just as much time as physicians, and almost all of them use the Internet in between patient consultations. Nurses are also proactive in researching medical product information specifically online - over eighty percent have visited a pharma, biotech, or device company website in the past year. Merck, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi-Aventis have the most-visited corporate sites by nurses.

"While marketers have known for some time that nurses shape patients’ health decisions, they haven't found effective ways to leverage this relationship. This study unequivocally shows that the Internet offers many strong opportunities for marketers to connect with and influence nurses," said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research. "This is great news for marketers, who are struggling to reach and maintain physician mindshare. They have another way into the office."

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Manhattan Research President Mark Bard will host a complimentary webinar previewing the data from the newly released Taking the Pulse® Nurses study, including the latest trends in how nurses use the Internet, mobile devices, social networking, and other technologies as well as how they interact with pharmaceutical companies online.

Taking the Pulse® Nurses v9.0: Nurses and Emerging Information Technologies

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About Taking the Pulse® Nurses
Taking the Pulse® Nurses was conducted in Q2 2009 among a nationally representative sample of 1,001 U.S. practicing nurses and physician assistants (PAs) via online survey methodology.

Taking the Pulse® U.S. Nurses covers topics such as:

  • Internet access, frequency, types, and activities online
  • Overall media consumption (traditional vs. new media)
  • Interest in Web 2.0 technologies for health and pharmaceutical information
  • Professional resource mix, including journals, references, conferences and continuing education
  • Mobile technology adoption, including PDAs/smartphones, drug reference databases, and preferred point of access
  • Advanced online activities such as blogs, podcasting, professional online communities, and wikis
  • Practice technology profile and professional resources, including electronic prescribing and EMR
  • Patient interaction, including emailing/messaging, sites recommended, and influence on treatment decisions

Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers and other industry stakeholders use Taking the Pulse® Nurses to examine technology, media, channel, and promotional mix strategies as well as to benchmark their performance against industry competitors. In additional to analyzing overall market trends, clients will be able to segment the study to derive statistically relevant insights across 15 nursing specialties, including oncology, diabetes, and cardiology.

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