Manhattan ResearchPharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research releases its latest consumer marketing research module, "Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing: Leveraging Online Health Searching to Fulfill Brand Goals", as part of its ePharma Consumer® market research and strategic advisory service.

The Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing Module overviews the evolution of consumer search engine usage for health and pharmaceutical information in the new media landscape, how eHealth searching behavior varies along the treatment continuum, and best practices for integrating search in overall brand strategies, especially in light of new FDA regulations. The report also looks at emerging trends and technologies like mobile search, personalization, and real-time search, as well as the developments of Microsoft and its new engine Bing, especially in light of the company's recently announced partnership with Yahoo.

According to the report, successful pharmaceutical search campaigns can play an important role in leading valuable target customers from the research stage to becoming product users. Consumers who visit product sites are nearly three times more likely than the average U.S. adult to request prescriptions by name from their doctors. Increasing search engine visibility can help brands to reach consumers actively seeking health information and to effectively insert themselves into the patient-physician treatment discussions.

"Mastering search engine marketing is critical for brands looking to take advantage of consumers' increasing reliance on the Internet to figure out and manage their health issues," said Monique Levy, author of the report and Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research. "The trouble is, mastering search is not as straightforward as it seems, especially with murky FDA guidelines and increasingly complex digital assets such as mobile and video."

Analysis Outline
Title: Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing: Leveraging Online Health Searching to Fulfill Brand Goals


I. Search: An Overview

  • Types of Search
  • Up & Coming Search Topics

II. The Health & Pharma Search Market Landscape

  • eHealth Consumer Searcher Demographics
  • Comparing the Engines Used by eHealth Consumer Searchers

III. ePharma Search Engine Behavior

  • Understanding the Terms Consumers Use for Pharma Info
  • Decisions
  • Understanding How Consumers Select a Search Result
  • Ads
  • Credibility

III. Search Marketing Strategies for Health and Pharma Brands

  • Pharma Search Marketing within New FDA Regulations
  • Integrating Search in a Multichannel Strategy
  • Using Search Marketing to Facilitate the Path to Brand Goals
  • On-site Search
  • Measurement
  • Searching for Your Most Valuable Consumers
  • Key Learnings and Action Items

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