Manhattan ResearchPharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research releases its latest consumer marketing research module, "Online Adherence Programs: Evaluating Manufacturers' Opportunity to Impact Patient Adherence", as part of its Cybercitizen Health™ market research and strategic advisory service.

The objective of the Online Adherence Module is to provide pharma, biotech, and device marketers with the necessary data and insights to develop their online adherence strategy to increase sales in the face of shrinking pipelines and expiring patents. It gives an in-depth look at the role the Internet plays in how consumers adhere to treatment today, the outlook for consumer demand for online adherence services in the mid-term, and best practices for manufacturers.

According to the analysis, emerging technology, consumer adoption of new media, and an increasing culture of self-service, among other factors, has put the Internet in a prime position to significantly affect patient adherence, treatment outcomes, and ultimately the manufacturer's bottom line. But along with the opportunities come numerous challenges, especially among certain therapeutic segments, requiring manufacturers implement best practices from the get go.

"Successful adherence programs can greatly benefit manufacturers, as relatively small changes in patient behavior have the potential to substantially increase revenue," said Monique Levy, author of the analysis and Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research. "Though manufacturers have been somewhat reluctant to put all of their weight behind these types of initiatives in the past due to complexity and cost, digital channels are offering new and effective ways to facilitate patient adherence."

Analysis Outline
Title: Online Adherence Programs: Evaluating Manufacturers' Opportunity to Impact Patient Adherence


I. Role of the Internet on Treatment Adherence

Figure 1-1: Adoption of Dedicated Adherence Online Resources

Figure 1-2: Occasions When Consumers Perform Online Health Research

Figure 1-3: Shifts in the Digital Health Media Landscape

Figure 1-4: Adoption of Dedicated Adherence Resources Across Select Therapeutic Segments

Figure 1-5: Occasions in Which Consumers in Different Therapeutic Categories go Online for Health Information

II. Consumer Demand for Online Adherence Resources in the Mid-term

Figure 2-1: Interest in Prescription Refill Reminders

Figure 2-2: Interest in Prescription Refill Reminders Among Online Consumers Who Take Prescription Drugs Across Select Conditions

Figure 2-3: Demand for Health Services on Mobile Devices

Figure 2-4: ePharma Consumer Using or Very Interested in Accessing Information about Prescription Drugs on General Health Sites

Figure 2-5: Drivers and Inhibitors of Online Adherence

Close-up 2-1: Johnson & Johnson’s CareConnect iPhone App

III. Best Practices for Manufacturers

Key Learnings and Action Items

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