Manhattan ResearchConnectivity and community are key components of the growing population of cancer patients using innovative resources to take more of an empowered role in their condition and treatment management. According to Manhattan Research's Cybercitizen Health™ study, more than sixty percent of cancer patients are eHealth Consumers, reporting to go online for health information. While cancer patients report to use online health and pharmaceutical resources along all points of the disease continuum, they are most likely to rely on the Internet right after receiving a diagnosis from their physician.

Cancer patients are also more avid users of health-related social media than age would predict. This condition group tends to be more comfortable with sharing information and resources than other types of patients - eHealth cancer patients are twice as likely as the average eHealth Consumer to post health content online.

Several health organizations and pharmaceutical companies have taken notice of this community's interest in connecting and sharing online and launched social media initiatives. The American Cancer Society offers a virtual network for cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and information-seekers, while Genentech BioOncology sponsors the Herceptin HER Story Community specifically for HER2+ breast cancer patients.

"Cancer is a difficult and emotional disease to navigate, leading patients to turn to their physicians, caregivers, and, now more than ever, the Internet for support and information," said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research. "And cancer patients’ willingness to share treatment experiences and advice is helping the online community to flourish - social media will continue to play an important role in the cancer care."

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Consumer therapeutic module topics include media consumption across traditional and alternative resource channels, website usage metrics, connectivity and interaction with physicians, health site engagement, use of branded and unbranded product sites, Web 2.0, interest in online health services and tools, DTC advertising, actions taken offline after health info seeking, and drivers to requesting a prescription drug.

Physician specialist module topics include interactive detailing, Web 2.0, pharmaceutical customer service portals, tech-enabled sales reps, search engines, online and offline professional information sources, email use and opportunity, patient interaction and education, digital health infrastructure, and mobile technology profile.

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