Manhattan ResearchThough video detailing had a rocky start when it debuted a decade ago, recent physician online video adoption and satisfaction rates indicate that this channel is now a viable option for pharma, biotech, and device manufacturers. Manhattan Research's ePharma Physician® v8.0 study found that the majority of physicians who have engaged in online video meetings with a pharma sales rep or cell center report that they are satisfied with the experience.

As part of its ePharma Physician® market research and strategic advisory service, Manhattan Research releases a new analysis, "The Evolving Market for Video Detailing: Adoption, Market Potential, and Strategic Implementation." This report includes data and insights around the current state of physician video detailing adoption, demographics, behaviors, and satisfaction; market potential and future interests; delivery models and vendors; and strategic implementation best practices. The objective of the analysis is to provide pharma, biotech, and device manufacturers with the market data and analysis for justifying strategic investment in video detailing and adapting and planning for the future of the physician-sales and company rep relationship.

"Video detailing has finally re-emerged as a viable marketing and service option, prompting manufacturers to take another look at this channel to connect with physicians," said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research and author of the analysis. "Video detailing users are some of the industry's most valuable and tech-savvy customers. Beyond being highly adept at navigating in a multichannel environment, video detailing users are more likely to write a larger volume of scripts and to have a higher weekly patient load than non-users of video detailing."

Analysis Outline
The Evolving Market for Video Detailing: Adoption, Market Potential, and Strategic Implementation

  • Demand for Video Detailing Among U.S. Doctors
  • Profile of Video Detailing Users
  • Outlook
    • Physician Demand
    • Delivery Models and Vendor Overview
  • Strategic Implementation

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