Deutsche Zeitschrift für Klinische Forschung (DZKF) portal, developed by Geelen & Geelen Beratung für medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Projekte GmbH, now is available in English. The portal is password protected and accessible only by medical scientific professionals, it allows to publish and read multimedia-format information and send others the related web link(s).

Since the portal has been developed as a library it contains typical library-features. Registered scientific professionals can tag publications with a special search tool, the so called Quick Code (QC). The QC is available on request and helps to find a selection of related publications, additionally it could be used in mailings or newsletters, the benefit - no more time-consuming searches for specific information.

"By using the portal, and the QC and perhaps even the recommendation flayer, scientific professionals can use the portal's services and save a lot of printing and paper waste. Imagine the amount of paper waste reduction during conferences. In order to demonstrate this, an 'environmental care' stamp can be downloaded and applied to the submitted publications," explained François Geelen, MD, DZKF Managing Director.

"Conference organizers and professional associations are very welcome to use the DZKF portal for their conferences and may even benefit financially by offering the extra portal services (for fee) to conference sponsors," added Mr. Geelen.

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