Manhattan ResearchGlobal pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research releases its latest consumer marketing analysis titled "The Future of Mobile Health: Mobile Adoption, mHealth and Mobile Marketing" as part of its Cybercitizen Health™ v8.0 market research and strategic advisory service.

"The Future of Mobile Health" gives an in-depth look at the growing mHealth market, which now stands at over 10 million U.S. adults using mobile devices for health information, and contains market data, charts, and analysis for key demographic and condition-specific trends. It also discusses how companies are currently using mobile health applications, mobile marketing opportunities and strategies, and insight to where the market is heading.

According to the analysis, consumers with smartphones tend to be the most interested in mobile health applications for weight loss, as well as prescription drug tracking. The WebMD Mobile application for the iPhone, which provides information on every day health topics and on symptoms, drugs or treatments and basic first aid, has seen over 200,000 downloads since launching in November 2008. Johnson & Johnson also recently launched the CareConnector iPhone application as an accessory to its caregiver support site,

"Mobile Health, or mHealth, is exploding around the globe, with programs for remote monitoring, disaster preparedness, treatment compliance, and education appearing in countries where traditional forms of communication, such as television, mail, or even the Internet, were not available," said Meredith Abreu Ressi, author of the analysis and Vice President of Research at Manhattan Research. "In the U.S., there are similar opportunities - along with the ability to explore mobile marketing initiatives such as mCoupons, opt-in text message databases, or short code DTC response. But developing content for the mobile Web has its own set of rules, so simply repurposing existing Web sites for mobile access is insufficient."

Analysis Outline
Title: The Future of Mobile Health: Mobile Adoption, mHealth, and Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Adoption in the U.S.
  • mHealth and Mobile Marketing Today
    • mHealth in the U.S.
    • A Look Around the iPhone App Store
  • The Future of mHealth and Mobile Marketing
    • Benefits of Mobile Health Initiatives
    • Opportunities for Mobile Health (mHealth) in the U.S.
    • Mobile Marketing Opportunities
    • Key Learnings and Action Items

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