Manhattan ResearchThe new year was ushered in amidst economic uncertainties and the impending inauguration of a new administration - the effects of which have great implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Brand managers especially will feel the heat as marketing spend and measurement is increasingly scrutinized. But despite the doom and gloom in predictions for the year ahead, physicians and patients will continue to use healthcare products and services and companies still need to find ways to effectively reach their target audiences.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research releases a complimentary white paper outlining the top New Year's resolutions for marketers looking to take advantage of the latest eHealth trends to better target physician and consumer groups and push their brand ahead on the digital marketing curve.

Top Five Pharma Brand Manager Resolutions:
1. Don't Forget About Search
2. Reassess Your Customer Service Model
3. Keep an Eye on Mobile
4. Think Outside of the Bag - A New Look at the Traditional Sales Force Model
5. Measure…and Keep Measuring!

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"Pharma Brand Manager New Year’s Resolutions: Five Strategies for Staying Ahead in 2009" expands upon the above resolutions and reveals the latest eHealth tips and trends for improving brand strategies and connections with consumer and physician audiences. To access the full white paper, please visit:

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