, an advanced web based news project targeting the European pharmaceutical domain, has been launched. The project was developed to directly connect, promote and disseminate the European Industry and Research pharmaceutical achievements with additional focus on the European Commission (EC) and European Medicines Agency (EMEA) news.

Many pharmaceutical companies and research organizations are experiencing continual gaps in disseminating their news. Ruslan David, owner of the, reported: "News dissemination is a practical necessity for many existing pharmaceutical businesses and research organisations. On other side, pharmaceutical domain is requiring up-to-date and accurate information."

He added, " is an ambitious project focused on the European pharmaceutical industry, research and EC/ EMEA achievements. It has been designed to serve as an advanced source for the European pharmaceutical news, and it will be continuously open for our readers’ contributions, comments and suggestions - a real Pharma (Web) 2.0 approach."

At this stage, project contains Industry News from a (growing) group of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Research and Development News articles, Conferences and Events News, EMEA News, and EC Pharmaceuticals News.

All interested Internet users are invited to explore the project where you are very welcome to register free of charge for regular updates and news alerts.

For further information, please visit: