Transinsight has announced the launch of version 4.0, the semantic search engine for the life sciences with significantly improved features.
  • Increased Speed: GoPubMed 4.0 is ten times faster than its predecessor, now handling millions of documents in seconds.
  • Intelligent search: Never miss a document. The new interactive filtering process reduces millions of documents to a handful of key papers in just a few clicks. The Web 2.0 query processing helps by suggesting search ideas as you type.
  • More document sources: The website offers searches on PubMed and the Web at no cost. The professional version of GoPubMed PRO is designed to include intranet searches and patents.
  • Improve GoPubMed: The public website allows users to manually annotate and verify papers including their background information. The platform has already about 60.000 enthusiastic helping hands. GoPubMed shows the semantic path to the future: community generated ontologies and so improves the quality of search results.

"GoPubMed PRO for corporate semantic searches can handle multiple ontologies represented in many languages. The integrated semi-automated ontology generation tool helps to create ontologies of unknown domains much faster than doing them by hand. Local intranet and desktop searches will help our customers extend the power of the semantic search technology to their local information pools which helps reduce the time needed for manual information retrieval significantly. Cutting down the average hours spent weekly (12.4) on information searches to a little more than 1 hour can be directly expressed in terms money spent." explains Dr. Liliana Barrio-Alvers, CTO at Transinsight. "This is what our customers appreciate: greater efficiency that translates into faster and higher returns on their investments."

The judges of the European Venture Summit, which took place 1 & 2 December 2008 in Düsseldorf, Germany, ranked Transinsight and GoPubMed PRO as one of the Top 5 presenters in Biotech.

GoPubMed builds on cutting edge research developed in cooperation with TU Dresden in the EU project Sealife and is supported by INNO-WATT. For more information go to:

About Transinsight
Transinsight develops knowledge-based semantic solutions in the Life Sciences. Their flagship products and, renowned biomedical search engines, are the first knowledge-based search systems of the next generation for the Life Sciences on the internet. In acknowledgement of the technologies developed by the company, Transinsight has repeatedly been honored with international awards. The firm works in close collaboration with the Dresden University of Technology. Selected customers are: Unilever, BASF, BfR, StatoilHydro, Wintershall, Abcam and EMBL. For further information on Transinsight on the internet, see