ECIn response to the public consultation on "Key ideas for better protection of patients against the risk of counterfeit medicines", the Commission received 123 contributions from stakeholders. Of these, 100 were from industry (pharmaceutical industry, distributors, suppliers of active ingredients, consultants), 15 from citizens, patient (groups), and academics, and 8 from health professionals, pharmacists and health insurers.

4 stakeholders (Eli Lilly, Bayer Healthcare, SICPA and Thornton & Ross Ltd.) requested their entire submissions to be treated confidentially. The other stakeholder responses have been published on the "pharmaceuticals - website" of the European Commission.

Of the 123 stakeholder contributions, in terms of regions, 20 contributions were received from EU-wide associations, 29 from Italy, 14 from the UK, 9 from Germany, 4 each from France and Switzerland, 3 each from Poland and Ireland, 2 each from Malta, Denmark, and the Netherlands, 1 each from Austria, Sweden and Spain, and 18 from non-European third countries. 10 stakeholder contributions were global associations or could not be attributed in terms of region.

30 national and regional authorities profited from this stakeholder-consultation to inform the Commission of their views on the matter.

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