Healthcare professionals will soon be able to access the UK's leading drug knowledge base, the Multilex Drug Data File (Multilex DDF), on the move, following the development of a new drug reference application for mobile devices. First DataBank Europe (FDBE), working in partnership with Swedish software company MedHand International AB, will be offering the ability to browse Multilex DDF via a mobile device. Demonstrations of the application will be available on PDAs at Healthcare Computing 2008 in Harrogate (April 21-23), where FDBE will be encouraging feedback from healthcare professionals.

The application has been developed to aid the prevention of medication errors, improve patient safety at the point of care and save clinicians time by providing rapid access to drug information in any clinical setting or while on the move.

The user-friendly interface offers quick and easy access to relevant reference data such as information on dosage, indications, drug interactions, contraindications and side effects, which supports clinicians with their decision making. Enabling access to Multilex DDF on the move will also ensure that FDBE's expertise is available to support all clinical professionals throughout the duration of a patient's treatment, rather than just at the point at which the prescription is issued or dispensed.

Anne Cole, hospital pharmacist and employee of FDBE comments, "Prescribing and monitoring of drug therapy does not necessarily occur where there is easy access to a computer system. From a clinician's perspective, the ability to access vast amounts of drug information on the move is an attractive proposition and will reduce the frequent need for pharmacists to return to the pharmacy department to access data. Portable access to Multilex DDF will be of immediate use in practice, enabling clinicians to make the best use of what is available here and now, while awaiting the roll out of electronic prescribing and administration systems."

About First DataBank Europe
First DataBank Europe (FDBE) is the UK's leading provider of drug knowledge bases and active clinical decision support software. Through the effective implementation of our products, we enable safer prescribing and dispensing at the point of care. NHS Connecting for Health has chosen FDBE to provide drug-related clinical decision support.

Patient safety is the driving force behind our business. With over 25 years' experience of maintaining, developing and implementing drug knowledge bases across the entire healthcare spectrum, FDBE has unrivalled expertise and knowledge in the field of clinical decision support. Our Multilex Drug Data File - the UK's most comprehensive and widely used drug knowledge base - is in daily use by thousands of healthcare professionals in the UK.

Working closely with a wide range of leading system suppliers to integrate our products into clinical systems across primary care, secondary care, community pharmacy and other healthcare environments, FDBE delivers real patient safety benefits.

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About MedHand International AB
MedHand International was formed in 2001 around a group of medical doctors and computer engineers. Its mission is to deliver clinical information "at the point of care" for health care professionals.

MedHand International is collaborating with all major publishers in the medical life science sector and has recently signed a 6 year world-wide exclusive agreement with Oxford University Press for mobile delivery of their popular medical handbooks series.

The main product Dr Companion is a complete Mobile Library delivered on a card which the doctors can freely move between laptops/stationary computers, smartphones and PDAs, giving them instant access to their most trusted references whenever needed.

The product has earned an enviable reputation among doctors in UK and Scandinavia with its unique patent pending user friendly navigation features. The MedHand Mobile Library technology is quickly becoming an industrially accepted solution for the delivery of content within the medical profession.

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