The objective of the Drug Check project is to validate an on-line, pan-European service, which gathers, organises, stores, makes available and presents information and data covering pharmaceuticals and their interactions. The service provides a user-friendly, reliable, intelligent and fast mechanism to accept questions and advanced queries, process them and offer accurate answers justified with the relevant bibliography, in order to assist healthcare professionals in making the proper decisions on medication prescriptions and pharmaceutical treatments both in and out of the hospital without interrupting healthcare delivery.

The service will be offered as a web-based/mobile application to healthcare professionals and institutions (e.g. hospitals, research organisations) following the ASP (application service provider) model, and its functionality will facilitate users to gain optimum access to the service at any time, from any place using various devices (computer, mobile phones, etc), at low cost and with enhanced userfriendliness and usability, in order to become a fast, reliable, accurate and effective companion to their everyday practise. A consortium of academic experts, IT integrators and Consulting companies will offer the service via Internet and mobile platforms to healthcare professionals.

It is envisaged that the service, after its deployment, will be an invaluable companion to a wide range of healthcare professionals, by enhancing their skills and empowering their decision-making processes, thus reducing unwanted effects and improving cost-effectiveness of patients' treatment and therefore contributing to better healthcare services for all citizens.

The DrugCheck service can be a valuable tool to all healthcare professionals who want fast access to trusted and verified information (through latest bibliography and publications) about potential interactions between pharmaceuticals. The service is not limited to the information offered from the drug's documentation provided from the company but offers information on mechanisms and results of interactions between pharmaceuticals.

DrugCheck service offers the following functionality:

  • Drug Interactions: The service describes the various types of interactions between pharmaceuticals (and also nutritional elements).
  • Detailed description of the interaction mechanism and the mechanism in case of special patients groups, location of interaction, pharmacokinetic properties etc.
  • Reference to the necessity of the measurement of the levels of some of the medicines already administered or scheduled to be administered to the patient, in order to decide the right dose of the medicine to minimise the risk of potential interactions
  • Effect of interaction and management of effects
  • References to source of knowledge (bibliography) and links to documentation.

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