Physicians now have a "trusted environment" where they learn the way they learn best - from each other - with launch of Ozmosis, a verified, physicians-only online information exchange dedicated to the discovery and sharing of medical knowledge and the improvement of patient care.

"The strength of Ozmosis rests in the trusted connections it creates among physicians and the collective knowledge it provides back to physicians from the clinical insights and practice experiences they share," says Jason Bhan, M.D., co-founder of Ozmosis and a practicing, board certified family physician and clinical professor.

The Ozmosis Knowledge Exchange engenders trust by verifying the identity of its members before granting access to the site. Physicians on Ozmosis are clearly identified and not anonymous. Ozmosis provides detailed physician profiles and tools that allow members to always recognize the trusted colleagues they are learning from and communicating with.

"On Ozmosis, physicians are far more likely to apply the knowledge they acquire because they know and trust the source of the information," says Dr. Bhan.

Physicians can easily use tools on Ozmosis to bookmark and post content - journal abstracts, medical cases, videos, podcasts, blog entries, and clinical studies - from anywhere on the Web. Ozmosis then combines individual physician insights into a searchable knowledge repository that is updated in real-time.

"Ozmosis delivers an intelligent solution that senses the 'pulse' of the community and pushes critical insights to the surface for our physicians to see," says Joel Selzer, M.B.A., co-founder of Ozmosis. "In addition, Ozmosis provides an innovative search interface and personalized alerts that present relevant information back to our members based on their individual wants and needs."

By creating a new model for medical knowledge exchange, physicians are now sharing insights, experiences and evidence in a trusted and secure environment. For example, physicians on Ozmosis are discussing a multitude of issues, including the potential risks of influenza post-exposure prophylaxis and novel approaches for treating debilitating conditions such as chronic headaches and myofascial pain syndrome.

"Unlike other physician sites, Ozmosis creates a sanctuary free from outside interests where physicians can consult and learn from each other, unencumbered, saving valuable time and improving patient care," says Gary Klein, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., President Elect of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine, member of the Ozmosis Medical Advisory Board, and a recognized healthcare informatics expert. "Every time I log in, I am energized. I learn, I teach; this is how medicine is supposed to be."

In keeping with its mission to benefit physicians and improve patient care, Ozmosis delivers a unique business model that enables physicians to discover new products and services. Instead of traditional online advertising, physicians can choose to learn about healthcare products and services from other physicians. Ozmosis maintains a strict privacy policy, and product discovery areas are "opt-in" for physicians.

"Physicians on Ozmosis can discover and learn about innovative products such as mobile charge capture solutions or medical devices directly from their peers. When I am evaluating products and services for my practice and my students, I am far more interested in advice from my colleagues who have used these items in practice," says Scott Strayer, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Services, University of Virginia, and founder and CEO of PocketMed, developer of the PocketBilling mobile charge capture solution.

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About Ozmosis
Ozmosis, an online Medical Knowledge Exchange, has been working with physicians to improve patient care since 2006. Ozmosis aggregates the collective wisdom and experience of its physicians and transforms individual insights into trusted knowledge for its members, providing physicians a place where they can turn daily for trusted and reliable clinical, practice management and health policy information. Offered at no cost for verified physicians, Ozmosis accelerates learning and knowledge exchange across medicine and is dedicated to improving collaboration in healthcare.