MyHealthAvatar project aims to proof the concept of the digital representation of your health status. Your health status will be designed as a lifetime companion (Avatar). Your Health Avatar will facilitate the collection of, and access to, long-term health-status information. This will be extremely valuable for healthcare decisions and offer a promising approach to support health research.

The Health Avatar is the digital representation of your body with the related processes in a way that will help understanding, exploration, and possibly the production of new knowledge.

MyHealthAvatar project places a special emphasis on engaging the public. It has huge implications to the society both socially and economically. This initiative of designing a personal avatar can potentially revolutionize the way we think, communicate and search for information. Meanwhile, the acceptance of the avatars by the public will open opportunities for many industrial sectors, leading to the reinforced leadership of European industry.

You are kindly invited to participate in the first survey of MyHealthAvatar project. This survey will help us to make improvements and Your Opinions will allow us to underline the most expected functionalities of the proposed for implementation MyHealthAvatar platform.

This survey will only take a few moments of your time, it has been elaborated with minimum questions and it is accessible online here:

Thank you very much for your participation!

Your privacy is very important to us, your answers will be combined with others, and will never be linked with you personally.

About MyHealthAvatar
MyHealthAvatar will be built on the latest ICT technology with an aim of engaging public interest to achieve its targeted outcomes. In addition to data access, it is also an interface to access integrative models and analysis tools, utilizing resources already created by the VPH community. Overall, it will contribute to individualized disease prediction and prevention and support healthy lifestyles and independent living. It is expected to exert a major influence on the reshaping of future healthcare in the handling of increased life expectancy and the ageing population in Europe. This complies with the priority and strategy of FP7 ICT for healthcare, and constitutes a preparatory action aiming at the grand challenge on a "Digital Patient", which is currently the subject of a roadmap in the VPH community. (under development)