Manhattan ResearchPharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research recently released the ePharma Consumer® v10.0 study, which explores the online behaviors of ePharma Consumers, or U.S. consumers using the Internet for prescription drug information. The study also provides in-depth metrics for hundreds of pharma product websites, including satisfaction, reasons for visiting, and post-visitation actions, as well as adoption and interest for various types of online resources and services from pharma.

The study found that pharma product websites are effective at driving post-visitation action. 74%* of ePharma Consumers visiting these websites take a product-related action afterward - either discussing product info with their doctor, family or friends; requesting or filling the prescription; or searching for more product info online.

Among the more than 320 pharma product websites tracked in the study, the brand website of erectile dysfunction treatment Levitra® was the most likely to drive visitors to request a prescription for the drug from their doctor. The brand websites for Chantix®, Cialis®, Nexium®, and Yaz® round out the top five most likely to drive visitors to request prescriptions.

A common theme among top websites is content and structure designed to lead consumers to talk to their doctor. Additionally, many of these products, such as the sleep aid Lunesta® and the acid reflux treatment Nexium®, feature doctor discussion guides or worksheets on their websites.

Top Pharma Product Websites Driving Visitors to Request that Prescription from the Doctor

1. Levitra®
2. Chantix®
3. Cialis®
4. Nexium®
5. Yaz®
6. Lyrica®
7. NuvaRing®
8. Symbicort®
9. Viagra®
10. Lunesta®

Websites with the highest percent of visitors responding that they "requested a prescription for this product from a doctor" after visiting website for themselves; Among U.S. adults ages 18+ online for pharma information and websites for which n>60

* Industry average of aided responses across more than 320 product websites visited

Complimentary ePharma Consumer® Data Snapshot
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About ePharma Consumer® v10.0
ePharma Consumer® v10.0 was fielded online in Q4 2010 among 6,606 U.S. adults (ages 18+) who have gone online for pharma or prescription drug information in the past 12 months. This study also explores demand for adherence tools and services and the extent to which consumers leverage the Internet to lower drug spending. The study also provides key metrics for hundreds of pharma product websites.

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