Manhattan ResearchAccording to pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research, U.S. nurses believe they considerably influence patients' health decisions and behavior. The Taking the Pulse® Nurses v10.0 study found that the majority of online nurses report that they influence how their patients follow through with their treatment regimens. The study also found that most online nurses encourage patients to take advantage of health and condition websites and are significantly more likely than physicians to recommend these resources to their patients. The research is based on interviews with over 1,000 U.S. nurses and physician assistants (PAs) and focuses on the media and device preferences, professional resource mix, and digital behaviors and attitudes of these segments.

"Marketers shouldn't underestimate the influence nurses have on how patients think about medication and follow their treatment plan. This new nursing study, as well as past consumer studies, unequivocally show that nurses play a pivotal role in this regard," said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research. "We've seen several brands and marketers already jump on this opportunity - especially given the flux in physician-directed promotion these days."

About Taking the Pulse® Nurses
The Taking the Pulse® Nurses study was conducted in Q2 2010 among 1,023 U.S. practicing nurses and physician assistants (PAs) via online survey methodology. Key topics include technology and Internet use for professional purposes; resources like medical references, journals, and conferences; email use and opportunity; patient interaction and educational sources; handheld devices and mobile activities; practice technology such as electronic prescribing and EMR; continuing education; and digital interaction with pharma companies, including product and corporate websites and HCP service portals.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers and other industry stakeholders use Taking the Pulse® Nurses to examine technology, media, channel, and promotional mix strategies, as well as to benchmark their performance against industry competitors. In addition to analyzing overall market trends, clients will be able to segment the study to derive statistically relevant insights across over twenty specialist groups.

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