Media-SoftMedia-Soft, CRM solutions provider for pharmaceutical companies, announced the launch of the native and offline iPhone adn iPad Pharma CRM application with advanced and unique features that increase the Sales Force effectiveness in pharma organizations.

"Fast, simple, functional and revolutionary are the main goals of our Sales Force Effectiveness solutions for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platforms. Now every sales rep can handle customers offline on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via Sales Vision iTouch application, it's so simple," commented Mr. Damir Safaric, Media-Soft CEO. "It is called Sales Vision iTouch, the best way for Pharma CRM that can revolutionize the pharma processes and increase the sales rep efficiency."

The Pharma CRM application has a simple and comfortable natural user interface that has retained all the functionality of the original Sales Vision® and in special the access to the database online and offline, all actions can be moved to the PC version through the user friendly and intuitive touch screen navigation. Also Sales Vision iTouch enables a parallel use of platforms, so a sales rep can use the iPhone or iPad on the sales field and when he arrives home he can add new information's via his PC version, Sales Vision 9 WIN.

"There are many reasons why Sales Vision CRM goes to the iPhone. Sales Vision® and iPhone are similar because they both have remained true to its roots. Both operate in niches and seek to satisfy their customers. Sales Vision® looks better than ever on iPhone. Also if you look ten years ago, the main add value and motivation factor for a sales rep was to gain a laptop. Times have changed and today the add value is to have the best Smartphone," concluded Mr. Safaric.

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About Media-Soft
The story of Media Soft begins in 1996 when a visionary man started up a company that must be the best in the pharmaceutical field. Today that mission is done, Media-Soft operates in more then 30 countries worldwide, on 3 continents and has over 6.000 licensed users of its software Sales Vision®. Media Soft is established on many locations. The HQ is in Cakovec and London. We also have partners and support teams worldwide in following countries: Mexico City, Bratislava, Warszawa and Moscow. Some of the customer are Pfizer, Krka, Sandoz, Solvay, Abbott, Alkaloid, GSK, Nycomed, Roche, Bayer Schering Pharma and many others.