Manhattan ResearchPhysicians show continued adoption of mobile and social media for professional purposes, as well as increasing dependency on digital resources at the point of care, according to pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research's latest Taking the Pulse® study of over 2,000 U.S. physicians. The tenth version of this landmark research and strategic advisory service is focused on which technologies physicians have adopted, how they are currently using them, and how they plan to use them in the future. Taking the Pulse® v10.0 provides a rich data set with topical insights for pharma marketers, agencies, physician content and technology providers, and other parties interested in connecting with physicians.

"In 2010, the conversation has shifted away from whether physicians are online to understanding the degree to which digital content is changing the way physicians practice medicine," said Meredith Ressi, VP of research at Manhattan Research. "Professional use of smartphones and online user-generated content are no longer early adopter activities of a tech-savvy few – these types of activities are the norm for the majority of physicians today."

Key topics covered in the research include:

  • Online and Offline Professional Information Sources: Online and offline information sources used, including textbooks, journals, conferences, CME, reps, search engines, sites visited
  • Mobile Technology Adoption: Device adoption by platform (iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android); professional activities conducted on the smartphone; top mobile apps and websites used
  • Online User-Generated Content: Use of physician-only communities, messageboards and blogs
  • General Access and Technology Profile: Practice technology profile; frequency of Internet use; frequency of professional activities online and offline
  • Patient Interaction and Education: Patients bringing information into office; sites recommended to patients; types of patient education sources of interest
  • Digital Health Infrastructure: Adoption of electronic medical records (EMR); electronic prescribing; impact of ARRA on decision to implement EMR system

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Mrs. Ressi will host a complimentary webinar previewing the research topics covered in the Taking the Pulse® v10.0 study on Thursday, April 29 at 11am EST.

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Taking the Pulse® v10.0 is a market research and strategic advisory service focused on which technologies physicians have adopted, how they are currently using them, and how they plan to use them in the future. The study was conducted in Q1 2010 via online and offline survey methodology among a nationally representative sample of 2,033 U.S. practicing physicians. Broad physician market research can be segmented to provide insights for over twenty specialist groups. For additional product and subscription information, please visit

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