Manhattan ResearchPhysicians will significantly expand the range of activities they conduct on mobile devices by 2012, according to Manhattan Research's "Future of Physician Media" report. Currently physicians primarily use mobile devices to access clinical content and perform quick tasks. By 2012, though, physician smartphone adoption is expected to reach 81% penetration and about half of this group will use their devices for administrative functions, learning, and patient care.

"Handheld devices are becoming more and more useful to physicians, partly because of the boom in physician-oriented apps and portable content," said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research and lead author of the report. "Healthcare marketers can't afford to miss leveraging this channel to influence sales."

"The Future of Physician Media" is based on the findings from Manhattan Research's Taking the Pulse® v9.0 study conducted in Q1 2009 among 1,900 U.S. physicians. The report discusses how physician use of social media, mobile technology, and on demand digital resources will evolve over the next two years and serves as a guide for healthcare marketers and publishers looking to leverage imminent digital opportunities. For an excerpt from the report and purchasing information, please visit

Report Outline
Title: The Future of Physician Media

Topics Covered:
I. Mobile Outlook

  • Adoption of Smartphone/PDAs Through 2012
  • Characteristics of Smartphone/PDA Users and Non Smartphone/PDA Users
  • Smartphone OS/Manufacturer Outlook
  • Activities on Smartphones/PDA Outlook
  • Examples of Emerging Mobile Products and Services
  • Activities Physicians Prefer Doing on Mobile Devices

II. Social Media Outlook

  • User-Generated Content Outlook
  • Types of User-Generated Content
  • Example of Surgery Video on YouTube
  • Physician Social Network Outlook
  • Examples of Physician Social Networks
  • Physician Adoption of General Social Networks for Professional and Personal Purposes
  • Frequency of Use of Various Online Resources

III. On Demand Outlook

  • Share of Physicians Going Online Daily
  • Occasions When Physicians Access the Internet
  • Channel Adoption Across Professional Activities
  • Weekly Use of Online Resources 2008-2009

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