Manhattan ResearchIn 2009, 85% of online Europeans in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain turn to the Internet and other technologies for health and prescription drug information, according to the latest Cybercitizen Health® Europe v9.0 study from healthcare and pharmaceutical market research company Manhattan Research. The collaboratively-edited Wikipedia again proves to be a top online health resource for consumers in all of the countries surveyed.

Cybercitizen Health® Europe v9.0 is a market research and strategic advisory service focused on how European consumers use digital channels for health and the impact on treatment decisions. Key topics include the overall health media mix, search engine reliance, pharmaceutical product websites, health portals, health information-seeking methods, email communication, patient-physician interactions, mobile devices, social media, disease management tools, and more.

"This year's Cybercitizen Health® Europe is the third iteration of the study, and our 2009 findings show that now more than ever, it's critical for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies across Europe to gain a strong understanding of how their target audiences use the Internet," said Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research. "Marketers already know that an increasing number of consumers are going online for health - the key is having the market research tools for turning Health 2.0 buzz into effective and efficient strategies for connecting with patients online."

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Cybercitizen Health® Europe is a syndicated multi-client study and advisory service focused on key research topics and trends impacting the European consumer health marketplace - with the goal of enabling companies to make better informed decisions when planning and executing marketing strategies. The study was fielded online in Q3 2009 among 3,007 European consumers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. For additional product information, please visit

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