Manhattan ResearchePharma Physician® is a syndicated multi-client research study and advisory service focused on physician information technology adoption. Specifically, the study examines how technology is levered by pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies to improve relationships with physicians. Fielded annually, ePharma Physician® builds upon Manhattan Research's population-level physician research Taking the Pulse® and probes deeper into the audience of physicians interacting with pharmaceutical, device, and biotech companies online, currently about 80% of the physician population.

The study identifies and analyzes key attitudes, behaviors and psychographics of physicians who actively use online pharmaceutical services in order to help our clients better understand this key audience and meet its market demands.

Manhattan Research approach to ePharma Physician® is based on the belief that web log data alone cannot provide a full and representative picture of who visits web properties, why they go, or their subsequent actions taken. ePharma Physician® uses an online survey and recall methodology to offer the best means for understanding, benchmarking and measuring website effectiveness.

The ePharma Physician® strategic advisory service includes:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of physician satisfaction with top branded Rx product websites and top pharmaceutical and biotech corporate websites.
  • An analysis of growing physician demand for services such as customer service portals, live remote rep interactions, and closed-loop promotional integration.
  • Additional topics such as electronic detailing use and satisfaction; top blogs, podcasts, and specialty websites visited; and opinions regarding technology enabled sales reps (i.e., tablet PC use).

Better understand the audience of online physicians through ePharma Physician® and Manhattan Research.

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About Manhattan Research
In addition to ePharma Physician®, Manhattan Research conducts numerous research studies among physicians and consumers in the United States and in Europe. Each study serves a unique purpose and focuses on different aspects of information technology adoption. Broad research is complemented by targeted analysis among more than 50 consumer therapeutic segments and 25 physician specialist segments. For further information, please visit