HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. has announced results from an independent study investigating the time required to successfully treat fungal infected human nails which is a leading cause of Onychomycosis. The studies were conducted as part of HemCon's continued program of development for a formulation based on its newest proprietary platform technology. The Onychomycosis treatment, Mycosinate™ (formerly known as compound A31S), is available for commercial license and provides a controlled release broad spectrum antimicrobial agent to fight infection.

The independent testing of Mycosinate™ for the treatment of Onychomycosis was performed by MedPharm Ltd, UK using fungal infected human nails under conditions that simulate the clinical situation. This system tests the formulations ability to penetrate the nail and kill the T. Rubrum fungal infection on human nails over a period of time. The results observed indicated complete kill of the fungal infection with the active Mycosinate™ formulation in less than 14 days. Subsequent testing to further define the exact period of time to required kill the nail fungal infection is now under way.

Fungal nail infections affect tens of millions of people worldwide and the market size for its treatment for products is estimated at approximately US$4 billion. It is believed that 6-8 percent of all adults will acquire a fungal nail infection, and Onychomycosis is responsible for nearly 50 percent of reported cases.

"Our third and most advanced anti-fungal study in live human nail infection, combined with earlier successes in nail penetration and human safety, affirms the exceptional promise of relief that Mycosinate™ will offer to millions of Americans afflicted with fungal nail infections," said John W. Morgan, CEO of HemCon. "HemCon will continue to offer new technologies for commercialization that promote safe, effective healing on a global scale."

About HemCon Medical Technologies Inc.
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