The first place in the national competition "Consumer's Laurel 2007" in the category "Drugs for memory improvement" has been won by Krka's Bilobil. As in the last year, also this year Bilobil won the first place in its category.

The award was based on voting by the Polish people. Bilobil turned out to be the most popular drug for memory improvement in Poland. This year Bilobil was also appreciated by pharmacists who awarded it The Product of the Year 2007 within the products for memory improvement. So it appears that Bilobil is the most highly evaluated drug in its group by patients and specialists.

Bilobil was frequently selected by the Polish pharmacists and patients who in the last year awarded it a gold "Consumer's Laurel".

Bilobil was also twice awarded a statuette of Golden Otis.

Bilobil is a drug that contains natural Ginkgo biloba leaf substances which improve the metabolism in brain cells and the supply of oxygen to the brain. The active substances of the extract improve memory and concentration, and are beneficial for life energy. The clinical examination* which was carried out in Otolaryngology Clinic Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz proved that the drug improves brain functions, such as memory and the ability to concentrate. Bilobil also efficiently prevents dizziness and tingling in the ears. In 2004 the producer enriched the Bilobil brand in Poland by a new product. Bilobil forte contains a double dose of Ginkgo biloba extracts (80 mg) and is intended for the active part of the population enabling a longer and a more intensive mental effort.

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