28-29 May 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Faster patient recruitment and potential for cost savings are only a few of the factors attracting international sponsors to the emerging regions of clinical research. Countries like the Russian Federation, India and China offer similar attractions, as well as raising similar questions, when being considered as a location for clinical trials.

Similarities between these three countries include large patient pools enabling rapid recruitment due to massive treatment-naïve populations with diseases of both the developed and developing world. Russia, India and China are the next pace setters for pharmaceutical clinical trials, bringing both opportunities and challenges for the industry. The increasing inclusion of these markets in international trials indicates that leading Pharma and Biotech are recognising the advantages of conducting trials in these regions.

Aside from large patient populations, key benefits of these countries include: low cost of services, highly-competent labor pools and well equipped sites. However, local practices which differ from country to country, such as cultural, language, logistical, ethical and local regulatory requirements can make life challenging for companies performing clinical research. Specific issues faced by clinical trial operations across these three markets include protection of patients’ rights and safety, regulatory compliance, inconsistent data quality, lack of sufficient numbers of trained clinical researchers and even site saturation.

This event will examine in detail the opportunities in these unique markets which present the fastest global growth in clinical trials for timely, high-quality and cost-effective clinical development. Experienced speakers will help you understand the differing cultural and other aspects which are essential for successful conduct of clinical trials, including establishing of strong business relationships and ensuring trials’ compliance with ICH GCP Guidelines.

NextLevel Pharma's "Emerging SUPERPOWERS in Clinical Research" event will also provide dedicated, 1 on 1 partnering sessions enabling sponsor companies (Pharma, Biotech, Vaccine, Diagnostic and Medical device manufacturers) to meet with CROs, Central Labs, leading consultants, software and other clinical solution providers experienced in these growing markets to discuss potential partnerships.

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