Reuters Events 17 - 19 May 2022, Virtual.
On May 17th , 500+ of pharma's clinical innovation will come together for the home of clinical collaboration, Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical 2022, to set new standards in digital and patient innovation for clinical transformation.

The catalyst for this has been the accelerated technological adoption in clinical trials, but a general feeling still that enough isn't being done for patients, failing to develop co-created, data-driven, standardised and accountable trial design.

Senior leaders from Sanofi, Pfizer, Bayer, FDA, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche, Novartis and more are collaborating on May 17 th , with one mission in mind: it's time to develop a better system. "We must establish new industry-wide benchmarks, leverage digital technology, and ensure permanent cultural change toward patient- centric trials. If we don't act immediately, we risk losing patient trust." Said Usmaan Khan, Global Project Director and leader for Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical 2022.

The community is growing every day so don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this movement- this event is free for pharma and biotech executives, patient advocates and patient associations! Secure your pass today here.

About Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical 2022, May 17-19th

Reuters Events: Pharma Clinical is proud to host a one-of-a-kind lineup, with more than 40 world-class and professional speakers. Among the speakers are:
  • Jijo James, CMO, Medical Devises, Johnson & Johnson
  • Lionel Bascles, SVP, Global Head of Clinical Sciences & Operations, Sanofi
  • Craig Lipset, Advisor and founder, Clinical Innovations Partners
  • Loredana Regep, VP Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Roche
  • Najat Khan, Chief Data Science Officer, Global Head, Janssen R&D Strategy and Operations, Johnson & Johnson
  • Dietmar Berger, CMO, Global Head of Development, Sanofi
  • Tracy Vanderslice, VP & Head, Pharma Global Clinical Operations, GSK
  • Venkat Sethuraman, SVP Global Biometrics and Data Science, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Why should you attend?

On last year's event, Mo Ali, VP Digital Analytics and Performance said: "Clinical 2021 allows for open discussions around how we can do this, by sharing experiences and learnings, we expand on the art of the possible from what once several years ago may have been viewed as impossible"

Clinical 2022 builds on this with our insight-driven agenda co-created with industry leaders to guarantee you acquire practical knowledge that will help you succeed. With 40+ speakers, you'll access critical sessions related to:

  • Benchmark industry-wide clinical innovation: Align standards across stakeholders, establish benchmarks, maintain accountability, and set industry-wide goals to improve patient experience and trial performance
  • Co-creation or no creation: Create shared missions, education programmes, and centre digital advances around patients to create trial designs that work in the real world
  • Optimise your digital and data strategies for novel endpoints: Develop trial flexibility, design efficiency, and unique RWE endpoints through standardised and tested innovations
  • Data collaboration: Ensure smooth interoperable data transmissions across the company's digital innovation and health networks for streamlined trials
  • Evolve decentralised trials: Allow decentralised trials to thrive by providing ongoing trial breakthroughs that are backed by regulators and prioritise the patient.

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