Total health: Build a better healthcare system

Reuters Events 19 - 20 November, 2020. Digital Forum, #REhealthcare.
The stage is set for a paradigm shift in healthcare. The opportunity exists to redefine healthcare in a way that transforms patient outcomes, drives efficiency and changes lives.

Reuters Events Total Health will unite CEOs, innovators, disruptors and policy makers from across the healthcare ecosystem to seize upon this critical moment. The digital forum will define a roadmap for a technology-driven, equitable, patient centric, accessible system, powered by access to next-generation medicine.

With the world looking at the healthcare industry for guidance, this is where its leaders come to set the agenda and break the news.

The industry shaping agenda

Innovate Out of Crisis To Drive Affordability and Widen Access

  • Leverage a unique for digital healthcare and the surge in adoption of digital health services
  • Define how digital, remote and predictive services can reduce costs and expand access to care
  • Technology as a force for equality not inequality - steps to build an infrastructure that enables wide digital health adoption and counters socio-economic barriers

Beyond Patient Centricity: The Consumerization of Health

  • Analyse the impact of consumer-originated technologies on health care provision to plan now for the new patient-led decision-making paradigm
  • Leverage consumerization for better "convenience of care". Ease appointment scheduling, provide eVisit flexibility and same day prescription delivery to maximise patient value
  • Empower patients with easy access to actionable data, their treatment options and a care plan - including the associated impact on the re-reimbursement market

COVID-19: The Tipping Point for Rapid Tech Adoption

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digital technology roadmaps - lesson learnt and next steps to maintain a long-term innovation mindset
  • Implement a ‘Sprint Mindset’ in healthcare: Design, test and implement digital services at breakneck speed to quickly improve care, accessibility and patient outcomes

Regulation in The Age of The Algorithm - The Path to Digital Health Approval

  • Plot the future for Digital Therapeutics (DTx) approval in light of health data privacy regulation updates and unstable payment models
  • Expand the use and reimbursement of telehealth and other remote / virtual care modalities
  • A new regulatory normal - how we can maintain current momentum beyond COVID-19 to accelerate innovation time to market
The Future of Medicine
  • From Phage Therapy and Microbiome to Cell and Gene Therapy, how discovery medicine is being redefined through platform technologies
  • Assess platform feasibility in the race to take advantage of new digital platforms for medical technology
  • Harness new data linkage capabilities to reveal novel patterns in disease and discover new treatment possibilities, predict risk at an individual patient level and inform preventative measures

Enter Silicon Valley: What Is Big Tech's End Game?

  • Assess the tech landscape, new entrants and new technologies with whom incumbent players compete for patients’ loyalty and data
  • Will patients trust consumer and tech brands at a time where data privacy concerns are front and centre
  • Big Tech's healthcare grab and the pathway for tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft

Remote Health Provision, Adoption and Scalability

  • More than just Facetime with your doctor - drive remote health adoption by building patient trust in remote services and wearables through co-creation principles
  • Build remote health services, through methods like remote patient monitoring and augmented and virtual reality to create a sustainable remote health model
  • The new payer-provider-consumer model of collaboration to improve the stewardship of personal health information across the value chain

From Doctor's Assistant To CMO - How AI is Radically Improving Delivery of Care

  • Beyond the hype, hear the real applications of AI in the hospital setting such as AI to efficiently diagnose and reduce error in misdiagnosis
  • Generate better patient outcomes though improved productivity and efficiency of care delivery through solutions such as intelligent symptom checking, with AI that listens and understand patient concerns and guides the patient to the correct cared
  • Analyse risks and benefits AI's impact on 'patient practitioners' as patients rapidly transition to activate participants in their healthcare

Health and Wellness: Where Technology Can Be A Mental Health Game Changer

  • The intersection between consumerization and mental health, such as social media that can prompt mental health interactions
  • Using digital tools and data to support people in their own homes for long-term conditions, behavioural change, mental health and wellness, including sleep
  • Leverage mobile technology and data to help in moments of crisis

Data Interoperability: Implications on Data Standards And Privacy

  • As data grows exponentially and data-sharing becomes commonplace, how do we protect patient privacy at scale?
  • Lessons learned from GDPR and California Law around data standardisation and the challenges of interoperability and stewardship of patient data
  • Overcome technical, cultural and legislative hurdles to data interoperability, as well as geo-political challenges of cross-border data standardization to reform healthcare on a global scale

Reimbursement and Digital Health Adoption Post-Covid

  • Will the willingness to reimburse digital health stick post-coved and what reimbursement models will evolve drive digital health adoption in the long run
  • Collaboration and evolution of reimbursement models during the shift form volume-based care to value-based care
  • Demonstrate the safety and privacy of digital health technologies to overcome market concerns around security
  • The guiding principles for reimbursement of digital health products and solutions including what type of data is needed to approve coverage

Health Investment and The Technology Landscape

  • Understand investable priorities for the post-Covid era, and what technologies are highest on the list of investment dollars
  • What business models will win out… supply chain solutions; virtual clinical trials; digital therapeutics/diagnostics; predictive analytics–especially those that drive new patients and revenue opportunities; and digital training solutions
  • How will the economic situation effect the risk landscape and the outlook on investor appetite

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