SMi Group20 - 21 February 2019, London, UK.
Undoubtedly, the field of RNA therapeutics is currently undergoing a major expansion, and the potential for using RNA drugs for personalised medicines and immunotherapy, as well as to address genetic, infectious and chronic diseases will ensure the continued development of RNA therapeutics for years to come.

Fulfilling the potential of genetic discoveries requires the development of therapeutics that can specifically modulate the expression of disease-relevant genes. RNA-based drugs, including siRNAs and antisense nucleotides, are promising examples of a newer class of biologics. Researchers have tried to overcome the major challenges for utilising RNAs in a therapeutic context, including: intracellular delivery, stability and immunogenicity.

Join the 10th Annual RNA Therapeutics Conference in February 2019, for SMi's 10th annual sell out event. Bringing together industry experts from leading RNA companies, to discuss the challenges for clinical translation of RNA-based therapeutics, with an emphasis on recent advances in delivery technologies, and present an overview of the applications of RNA-based drugs for modulation of gene and protein expression, and genome editing.

Network and learn from key opinion leaders such as:

Chairs for 2019

  • Ekkehard Leberer, Senior Director, Alliance Management, Sanofi
  • Shalini Andersson, Senior Director and Head of New Modalities, AstraZeneca

Guest Speakers

  • Carsten Rudolf, Chief Executive Officer, EthrisGmbh
  • Paul Agris, Founder and Director, The RNA Institute

Keynote Speakers

  • Marian Gindy, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Merck Research Labs, Merck & Co, inc.
  • David Giljohan, CEO, Exicure
  • Ingmar Hoerr, Founder & CEO, CureVac AG
  • David Blakey, Chief Scientific Officer, MiNA Therapeutics
  • André Gerber, Professor of RNA Biology, University of Surrey
  • Heinrich Haas, Vice President Drug Delivery, BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals
  • Markus Mandler, Chief Scientific Officer, Accanis Biotech
  • Troels Koch, Vice President & Head of Research, RNA Therapeutics, Roche
  • Hans Kistemaker, Associate Director, ProQR

2019 Featured Highlights

  • Discover the clinical progress of Spherical Nucleic Acids at Exicure
  • Understand Sanofi's strategies to deliver therapeutic oligonucleotides across biobarriers
  • Learn from ProQR how to plan for oligonucleotide supply from personalized medicine to large scale markets
  • Explore the development of small activating RNA - from bench to bedside with MiNA Therapeutics
  • Gain insight into the discovery and development of self-amplifying mRNA vaccines at GSK

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Early-Bird Rates

  • Register by 31st October and save £400
  • Register by 30th November and save £200
  • Register by 15th December and save £100

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