9th & 10th April, 2008
Rome, Italy
The modern business world is based on communication. Corporate communication is used to shape the strategy of the company and communicate it internally and externally with major stakeholders. Pharmaceutical industry is a very special case when it comes to communication with the public. The industry has recently been challenged by lack of trust from the side of consumers. Reputation has become a major issue and companies need to move forward and communicate its messages more effectively. The rising importance of the media relations should contribute to rebuild public trust and improve the image of the industry.

Is your company communicating effectively with its main stakeholders, both on corporate and product level?
Are your employees representing your brand?
Do you have an up-to-date crisis communication strategy?
How do you increase business performance through various communication channels?

This event brings together a powerful group of Pharma communication experts to discuss these and other daily challenges interactively. Moreover, attending this conference gives you a unique chance to learn how to improve your corporate image, cooperate with the media and make your employees your corporate ambassadors.

Key Speakers:

  • Director of Public Affairs International, Biogen Idec, Switzerland
  • External Communications Manager, AstraZeneca, Poland
  • Communications Manager, Amgen, Italy
  • Communications Director, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Spain
  • HR & Communications Director, Abbott
  • Associate Director Corporate Media Relations EMEA, Pfizer
  • Head of corporate Communications, Pliva Barr Group
  • Head of Corporate PR, Actavis
  • Head of Corporate Communication, Grünenthal Germany
  • Communications Manager, Novo Nordisk, Switzerland & World Diabetes Foundation
  • Director of Communications, Roche France
  • and many others...

Key topics:

  • Find out how effective media relations can contribute to rebuild public trust
  • Discuss how to increase business performance through various communication channels
  • Discover how to communicate with stakeholders when facing crisis and make the crisis work for you
  • Learn best practices for aligning employees with business strategies
  • Clarify the optimal way of cooperating with the media and turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Who should attend:
Vice-Presidents, Directors, Deputy Directors and Heads of Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Corporate Affairs, Public Relations, Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Project Leaders, General Managers, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Business Development, Marketing

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