25 - 27 February 2013, Bristol-Myers Squibb HQ, Paris, France.
Digital Pharma Europe is one of the key component conferences of the ground breaking Digital Pharma Series. ExL Pharma has leveraged the global network of industry experts to further analyze global industry perceptions and pain points and match these with interactive and practical solutions. Through our conversations with ePatients, doctors and healthcare organizations, pharma marketers, brand/product managers, agencies and technology providers, the message is clear: The most sought after tool in better equipping marketing teams and progressing digital marketing strategy is the opportunity for peer-to-peer contact to enable groundbreaking technical and strategy roll out.

The 5th Digital Pharma Europe conference not only leverages the largest platform of pharmaceutical marketing expertise from our global directory of contacts to provide these deliverables, but the agenda is specifically structured to meet the varying needs and requirements for practitioners working across the breadth of brand marketing and technical support functions in European organizations.

The challenges and innovations within the digital, social media and mobile marketing space continue to develop at pace and attendees at Digital Pharma Europe can expect to benchmark, learn from and interact with senior level professionals covering the multitude of topics concerning pharma marketing business today. The below topics will be covered in a practical perspective allowing for takeaway and delivery back in the office:

  • ePatient and Doctor/Physician network's evolution and the innovative tools for their interaction with pharma: Profiling interaction of newer social media channels such as Tweet chats and video calls on Google+, and the strategies used to deliver messages to doctors
  • Examining technologies developed to communicate B2B with stakeholders
  • Discussing how to effectively monitor and manage off-label discussions, and how you can deal with open platforms for patients from a technical and regulatory oversight standpoint
  • Social listening - listening to professional and patient conversations: Organizational strategy for leveraging feedback received from consumers and physicians from multiple channels
  • Gamification and how to actually impact upon patient behavior and compliance
  • The advent on non-pharma based organizations providing preventative mobile health solutions and the impact on pharma business
  • Physician App development without pharma marketing input: The why's and how's?
  • Big Data: transitioning with handling small to big data, carefully handling patient privacy without incurring regulatory pressure
  • Building highly effective and revenue generating digital marketing teams from the ground up: examination of digital and social media marketing training and how to build digital marketing specialists from a traditional marketing background
  • Change management and transitioning your strategy to incorporate social media and digital mediums to effect behavioral responses
  • App as medical devices: understanding at what point an App transitions from being an information sharing resource to a data usable medical device. Aligning the regulatory requirements with business development and effectiveness for your sales operations
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: analyzing whether pharma marketing will become MCM at a base level in future
  • Examining how to effectively measure the ROI of MCM and covey this to senior management: what to look for, metrics, suites of tools and identification of the alterations/channels that result in a change of behavior
  • How to operate with a multimedia mix - how can pharma work with the full range, not just social media etc

Digital Pharma Europe is the only industry event that continues to be hosted by a leading pharmaceutical company. This year it will be at Bristol Myers-Squibb HQ in Paris, France.

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