Exceptional performances in Europe's healthcare industry were recognised at Frost & Sullivan's prestigious Excellence in Healthcare Awards Banquet held in Dublin yesterday evening. Awardees were drawn from diverse fields ranging from homecare, telecardiology, point-of-care testing and image enhancement technologies to minimally invasive devices, bone densitometry systems, vascular devices and computer-aided detection markets.

Seventeen awards were bestowed over the course of the evening's proceedings. Among the awards presented were those for outstanding market penetration and competitive strategies, product and technology innovation as well as for superior entrepreneurship.

Technology-related awards were conferred on Bioident Technologies Inc., Compumedics, ContextVision, Creganna Medical Devices, Demetech AB and Do- Coop Technologies. Blue Medical, Cerrus International Limited, A. Menarini Diagnostics and Contura were acknowledged for their pioneering product-related endeavours.

Aerotel Medical Systems and the Hartmann Group won acclaim for their growth strategy leadership, while Amphora Research Systems and Medison were commended for their leadership in the categories of market penetration and competitive strategy, respectively.

The successes of small, entrepreneurial companies were also recognised at the awards ceremony. HDH Medical Ltd., im3D – Medical Imaging Lab, and DiaGenic ASA were lauded for demonstrating superior entrepreneurial ability in their respective fields.

Delivering the keynote speech on 'The Four Forces of the Future of Healthcare', Mr. Dorman Followill, Healthcare Practice Director at Frost & Sullivan investigated the global mega-trends determining the future dynamics of the healthcare space.

This year's event was attended by fourteen industry leaders with participants, delegates, and guests commending Europe's top performing healthcare companies.

The following is a complete list of the award recipients:

  • 2007 Product Line Strategy Award – A. Menarini Diagnostics
  • 2007 Innovation & Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award in the Home Care and Telecardiology Market – Aerotel Medical Systems
  • 2007 Market Penetration Leadership Award – Amphora Research Systems
  • 2007 Enabling Technology of the Year in the European Point-of-Care Testing Market – Bioident Technologies Inc.
  • 2007 Product Innovation Award – Blue Medical
  • 2007 Product Innovation Award – Cerrus International Limited
  • 2006 Technology Leadership Award – Compumedics
  • 2007 Global Enabling Technology of the Year Award in the Image Enhancement Market – ContextVision
  • 2007 Product Differentiation Innovation Award – Contura
  • 2007 Technology Innovation of the Year Award in the Minimally Invasive Devices Market – Creganna Medical Devices
  • 2007 Technology Innovation in the European Bone Densitometry Systems Market – Demetech AB
  • 2007 Entrepreneurial Company Award – DiaGenic ASA
  • 2007 Technology Leadership Award – Do- Coop Technologies
  • 2007 Growth Strategy Leadership Award – Hartmann Group
  • 2007 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in the European Vascular Device Market – HDH Medical Ltd.
  • 2007 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in the European Computer Aided Detection Markets - im3D- Medical Imaging Lab
  • 2007 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award – Medison

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