5 May 2010, Brussels, Belgium.
The Brussels Pharmaceuticals Conference will be held on the 5th May 2010. This high-level event will provide a unique opportunity for key stakeholders to discuss the current developments in European pharmaceutical policy. This one-day conference aims to reflect on the progress being made in meeting the objective of the European Commission's Pharmaceutical Package to provide safe, innovative and accessible medicines to European citizens. By bringing together high-level speakers from both the research based and generic pharma Industry, NGO's and EU Institutions, this Forum Europe conference will assess the relative merits and weaknesses of the regulatory measures proposed and seek to find consensus and agreement on how to move forward.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The proposed strengthening of the EU pharmacovigilance system
    The proposal concerning Pharmacovigilance sets out the need to strengthen existing legislation on the monitoring of post market drug safety in order to ensure that adverse drug reactions are correctly reported and monitored. This session will address a number of questions including: What measures can be taken to ensure that these recommendations are applied uniformly across member states? What will be the role of the European Medicine Agencies Eudravigilance database? Can lessons be learnt from the United States’ Pharmacovigilance system?
  • Counterfeit medicines and the European supply chain
    As the prevalence of access to counterfeit drugs increases both online and in member states’ legal supply chains, what regulatory measures can be taken to protect European Citizens? What are the roles and responsibilities of the pharmaceutical industry itself in ensuring the traceability of its medicines from production line to patient via wholesaler and pharmacist? Should the rules on Parallel Pharmaceutical Trade be tightened? How can the sale of counterfeit drugs on the internet be curbed?
  • Information to Patients: ensuring the right balance
    One of the most controversial aspects of the Pharmaceutical Package: the proposal concerning information to patients recommends a change in legislation that would allow pharmaceutical companies to provide information directly to the patient for the first time. With the debate currently stalled in parliament, where does the balance lie in terms of improvements in the internal market and consumer privacy and protection?

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