Final agenda and Sponsorship deadline for Health 2.0 Europe

Health 2.0 Europe will be a unique conference, featuring the three integral components of Health 2.0 in a unique format where leading examples of Health 2.0 in North America will be compared and contextualized with the latest in European innovation.

All speaking spots have now been filled but don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your exposure at Health 2.0 Europe by Exhibiting or Sponsoring. The sponsorship deadline is Monday, February 22nd for your organization to gain unparalleled exposure in front of the the most influential leaders in healthcare. Every sponsorship package includes logo placement on Health 2.0 Europe website, marketing emails and conference materials. Join the distinguished sponsors, Akamai, Bupa, LEEM, Publicis, UCB to get your company in front of this distinguished audience.

Health 2.0 Europe will also examine the role of government in the spread of innovation and the impact of Health 2.0 on hospitals, payers and pharmaceutical companies. The confirmed prestigious speakers will be representing the following countries Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and the US.

Health 2.0 Europe is also going to showcase the best of NEW European Health 2.0 companies in the Launch/Start-up Showcase.

Everyone will be invited to a dazzling reception at the famous Les Invalides, which has hosted royalty and emperors over the past 300 years.

The panels and topics will include: Keynote Addresses: The government view point – How does Health 2.0 fit into the various national IT strategies for EMRs, PHRs and national health and wellness?

Keynote Addresses from:

  • Etienne Caniard, French National Authority for Health France
  • Pieter Vos, Raad voor de Volksgezondheid en Zorg NL
  • Morten Elbæk Petersen, Denmark

Search & Content - How does the best of vertical search technology resonate in a world where government programs provide significant amounts of health content?

Demonstrations & case studies from:

  • Segolène Ayme, Orphanet EU
  • Frankie Dolan, MedWorm UK
  • Célia Boyer, Health On the Net Foundation Swiss
  • West Shell, Healthline Networks america
  • Steven Krein, Organized Wisdom america
  • Berci Mesko, Webicina Hungary

Patients and Online Communities - The advancement and popularity of patient communities online is an international phenomenon. We’ll be examining communities in different cultures, languages and context, and see what impact they have on care delivery in different countries–and what the internationalization of information means for patients and doctors.

The patient perspective from:

  • Roberto Ascione, Italy
  • Gilles Frydman, ACOR america
  • Ben Heywood, PatientsLikeMe america
  • Neil Bacon, iWantGreatCare UK
  • Christian Angele, imedo Germany


  • Alexander Schachinger, Humboldt University Berlin Germany
  • Susannah Fox, Pew Internet america

Physicians and Online Communities - In the US, physician social networks are in some aspects replacing the function of traditional physician professional organizations. Physician activity online has a long tradition in Europe too.

The physician perspective from:

  • Daniel Palestrant, Sermo america
  • Miguel Cabrer, Medting Spain
  • Tim Ringrose, UK
  • David Payne, British Medical Journal, Doc2Doc UK
  • Thomas Skoglund, Neurosurgic Sweden

Health 2.0 Tools - Consumer tools are an essential piece of the Health 2.0 landscape. Some of the most sophisticated drug, condition and treatment tools are giving patients as much if not more information than their physicians. Their use is already controversial in the US, but how is it playing out in different medical cultures across Europe?

  • Isabelle Adenot, French National Order of Pharmacists France
  • Roy Schoenberg, American Well america
  • David Doherty, 3G Doctor Ireland
  • Roni Zeiger, Google america
  • Sabine Pinedo, stichting Begeleide Zelfzorg (sBZ) NL
  • Neil Williams, Microsoft EU
  • Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Patients Know Best UK
  • Joris Moolenaar, IPPZ NL
  • Sabine Donnai, Imperative Health UK
  • Alex Savic, Alensa AG Swiss

Hospitals, Payers and Health 2.0 - A look at how hospitals and payers are interacting with doctors and patients in the world of Health 2.0.

Demonstrations & commentary from:

  • Paul Hodgkin, PatientOpinion UK
  • Don Kemper, Healthwise america
  • Jean-Pascal Del Bano, Le Guide Santé France
  • Frank Neumann, BIG direkt gesund Germany
  • Emma Stanton, UK Department of Health UK

Pharma and Health 2.0 - How is Health 2.0 affecting Pharma? A look at how pharmaceutical companies are connecting with doctors and patients in new ways, and how Health 2.0 is changing the way they're conducting clinical research.

Discussion & case studies from:

  • Daniel Ghinn, Creation Interactive UK
  • Sylvie St-Laurent, Pfizer France
  • Len Starnes, Bayer Health Germany
  • Sophie Kune, ParleAvecElles France
  • René Hansen, UCB Belgium
  • Gábor Gyarmati, Webbeteg Ltd. Hungary

Looking Ahead for Health 2.0 - Discoveries and lessons from the conference.

Discussion with:

  • Annabel Bentley, Bupa UK
  • Jean Louis Laporte, TribuCancer France

For further information and registration, please visit:

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