Webinar: December 1 & December 10, 2009.
Every day academics, diagnostic developers, biotech and pharma companies get closer to scientific breakthroughs in technology and methods that are applicable to oncology treatments. Given the sheer volume of such discoveries, it is becoming increasingly difficult for potential stakeholders to become aware of these advances and remain updated. Emerging technology in areas such as nanosciences, medical imaging, bioinformatics, and particle engineering have been combined with medical biology to give rise to a new generation of oncology therapies. Not only have researchers been able to make discoveries that can exploit the cellular and genomic make up of cancer cells, but they are also pioneering methods to deliver such treatments precisely to these cells.

This webinar series will give viewers a chance to hear about cutting edge research from the minds that brought it to life, all without leaving the home or office. Hear first-hand accounts from both world-class institutions as well as lesser-known enterprises from around the world. Some of the presenters will be publicly talking about their work for the first time while others will be presenting the most recent updates of their work. Learn about the latest gene, cell, and molecular therapies and the novel methods that can be used to deliver them directly to the target site. NextLevel Pharma's webinar series will bring this revolutionary research and technology closer to the industry via our webinar platform which allows the viewer to interact with the innovators themselves.

Why Participate?

  • Stay informed of the latest technologies in oncology drug research from some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers from the luxury of your own office
  • Expand your network and create alliances with oncology R&D experts
  • Gain insight as some of today’s more pioneering researchers present their innovative work which is rarely made public
  • Learn how to accelerate your R&D using cutting-edge platform technologies that are applicable to your portfolio
  • Identify and understand how to use these new approaches and apply them to existing molecules to increase safety and efficacy

Who will benefit

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic & Academic research organisations
  • CEOs / Vice-Presidents / Heads / CSOs / Managers / Professors and Scientists involved in: Discovery and platform technology, business development, in-licensing, molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics/genetics/proteomics, translational medicine, clinical science and development, molecular imaging, pre-clinical development, modeling and simulation, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics

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