To help healthcare professionals, medical researchers and the public understand the ongoing outbreak of the Zika virus, Elsevier has created a Zika Virus Resource Center on Elsevier's public news and information website. In addition, The Lancet, one of Elsevier's top medical journals, has created a Zika virus resource centre on its website, where healthcare professionals can read the latest updates, research, reviews, editorials, correspondence and commentary on the outbreak.

Both resource centers are free to the public
"With our virus resource center on The Lancet, and with one on Elsevier Connect, we strive to bring together the best available evidence on Zika to assist researchers, policy makers and health workers in understanding the effects of the outbreak and how best to respond," said Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet. "Decisions affecting the public's health should be supported by the best available evidence, and our resource center will aim to keep policy makers and others updated with the latest research and analysis as developments unfold."

Both info centers are advised by clinicians and professional editors and will be updated with the most current research and evidence-based information available. Elsevier publishes about 25 percent of the world’s scientific content, including thousands of textbooks and journals, drug information, clinical guidelines and patient education.

The Elsevier Connect information center also links to other authoritative resources, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, the site features links to data from Scopus and SciVal, which provide insight into global Zika research trends, and Mendeley, which established a Zika Virus Reference Group to share references to relevant articles to support the research community's work in finding a vaccine.

Both The Lancet and Elsevier Connect developed similar resource centers during the Ebola epidemic.

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