German biotech company Metabolomic Discoveries announced the launch of personalized metabolomics tool Kenkodo. Through a smartphone app and sampling kit, users will soon be able to improve their well­being. Kenkodo is available through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. This product offers people the possibility to track and understand the influence of factors, such as nutrition, sports and stress on their metabolism. Through lifestyle changes, shifts in the metabolism become measurable and can be optimized accordingly. Kenkodo builds the biochemical fingerprint of every single participant.

Dr. Nicolas Schauer, CEO of Metabolomic Discoveries, is very excited about the development of Kenkodo. "Over the last couple of years we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in metabolomics technology. It tracks more than 1000 small molecules in human samples. Metabolomics has the potential to resolve many questions regarding your wellness and your general constitution. Kenkodo will empower people to understand the effect of their daily lifestyle habits on their body. And finally, to find a lifestyle that keeps them healthy."

Every human has a different, very individual biochemical fingerprint. It combines information about our body's building blocks like amino acids or lipids and is the ultimate indicator of our level of well­being. “People respond differently to food, beverages and sports. By analyzing the metabolome of a large group of people, we will be able to make links to their lifestyle and well­being and draw meaningful conclusions, for example about food intake." says Dr. Josephine Worseck, Head of Business Development at Metabolomic Discoveries.

Dr. Isam Haddad, Bioinformatics expert at Metabolomic Discoveries, commented about Kenkodo. "We will build a predictive model that relates your lifestyle habits to your body's response. Our vision is that people will ultimately be able to recognize the metabolic pattern of a great week and repeat it by using the knowledge of Kenkodo."

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About Metabolomic Discoveries
Metabolomic Discoveries is a leading research and analytical service company. Global metabolite analysis combined with high­performance computing enables the identification of patterns. This provides deep insights into metabolism and allows to develop prediction models to live a better and healthier life.