Daiichi SankyoDaiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo) and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (hereafter, Ranbaxy) today announced the start of a synergistic initiative to sponsor mobile healthcare field clinics in India, Cameroon and Tanzania as part of their global social contribution activities.

The initiative will be implemented in India through the "Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society", a non-profit organization established by Ranbaxy, and in Cameroon and Tanzania through an international NGO, Plan Japan, utilizing the Ranbaxy's accumulated and rich know-how and experience in providing mobile healthcare services.

India is among the countries with the highest number of infant and maternal mortalities in the world, and Cameroon and Tanzania have some of the highest infant mortality rates and maternal mortality ratios among developing countries in Africa. All three countries also confront the lack of easy access to healthcare services. This initiative will contribute directly in improving the lives and health of citizens who lack such access in the three countries. It is also in alignment with the United Nation’s global "Millennium Development Goals" of reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

As a pharmaceutical company with a global business presence, the Daiichi Sankyo Group is actively involved with improving access to healthcare services globally.

Overview of the mobile healthcare field clinics project:

1. Activities
Providing healthcare services in regions with limited healthcare access through the use of specialized vehicles

2. Services provided
Basic healthcare, immunizations, maternal & child health services, health education, etc.

3. Period of time
Five years

4. Total monetary contribution
Approximately JPY 200 million yen (over five years)

5. Donation recipients
Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society (India), NGO Plan Japan (Cameroon, Tanzania)

Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society
In 1979, Ranbaxy set up the non-profit organization, Ranbaxy Rural Development Trust. As the program grew, the Trust was re-christened as Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society (RCHS), an independent body created in 1994. The initiative is focused on mobile healthcare treatment based on an integrated approach of preventive medicine, maternal & child health (immunizations and maternity treatment) and health education, including HIV/AIDS awareness.

Plan Japan
Plan Japan is a member of a non-profit organization, Plan, which provides assistance for community development involving the children in 50 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

UN global Millennium Development Goals
In September 2000, building upon a decade of major United Nations conferences and summits, world leaders came together at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of targets that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals.

Goal 1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Goal 2 Achieve Universal Primary Education

Goal 3 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Goal 4 Reduce Child Mortality

Goal 5 Improve Maternal Health

Goal 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

Goal 7 Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Goal 8 Develop a Global Partnership for Development

About Daiichi Sankyo
The Daiichi Sankyo Group is dedicated to the creation and supply of innovative pharmaceutical products to address the diversified, unmet medical needs of patients in both mature and emerging markets. While maintaining its portfolio of marketed pharmaceuticals for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and bacterial infections, the Group is engaged in the development of treatments for thrombotic disorders and focused on the discovery of novel oncology and cardiovascular-metabolic therapies. Furthermore, the Daiichi Sankyo Group has created a "Hybrid Business Model," which will respond to market and customer diversity and optimize growth opportunities across the value chain.

About Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, India's largest pharmaceutical company, is an integrated, research based, international pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of quality, affordable generic medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. Ranbaxy's continued focus on R&D has resulted in several approvals in developed markets and significant progress in New Drug Discovery Research. The Company's foray into Novel Drug Delivery Systems has led to proprietary "platform technologies," resulting in a number of products under development. The Company is serving its customers in over 125 countries and has an expanding international portfolio of affiliates, joint ventures and alliances, ground operations in 46 countries and manufacturing operations in 7 countries. Ranbaxy is a member of the Daiichi Sankyo Group. Daiichi Sankyo is a leading global pharma innovator, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.