InferMed, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for clinical research and practice, has appointed Dr Sally Burtles, Director of Drug Development at Cancer Research UK, as an Observer to the Board.

InferMed has a long-standing relationship with Cancer Research UK, and was backed by the charity at its formation in 1999. A research relationship continues with Cancer Research UK, which remains InferMed's largest institutional shareholder.

Dr Burtles has fifteen years' experience on the Drug Development team at Cancer Research UK, the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research. In her current position as Director of Drug Development, Dr Burtles is responsible for the strategic planning and operation of Cancer Research UK's new drug evaluation programme.

Dr Burtles previously held the roles of Assistant Director of Drug Development, and Acting Assistant Director of Drug Development (Clinical). She has also been an Invited Visiting Fellow for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Prior to joining Cancer Research UK, Dr Burtles was a post-doctoral research scientist at Sandoz AG in Basel. Dr Burtles graduated with a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of St Andrews, Scotland and went on to gain a RT Jones Scholarship to Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, and then to study for a PhD in Immunology at Bristol University, Bristol, UK.

Commenting on the appointment, Duane Lawrence, CEO of InferMed, said: "With her experience and knowledge of the drug development arena, Dr Burtles will add important insight and perspective to our strategy decisions. We are delighted to welcome her as an Observer to the Board at this important stage in InferMed's development and growth."

About InferMed
InferMed Ltd is a provider of advanced software solutions for clinical research and practice. The Company was founded in 1999, as a spinout from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund's (now Cancer Research UK) Advanced Computational Laboratory, with the mission to commercialise highly advanced software technology developed for clinical research and practice. InferMed's products are currently used across healthcare, pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors worldwide.

InferMed's lead products, MACRO and Arezzo were developed from work started at Cancer Research UK. MACRO supports clinical trials, helping with the collection of data and the management of trial protocols, and is currently being used for over 85,000 patients at more than 400 sites in 36 countries worldwide. Arezzo is highly advanced clinical decision support software designed to aid clinicians through the process of diagnosis and treatment. Arezzo provides active clinical guidelines and protocols at the point-of-care, reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and improving treatment for patients.