Astellas Pharma Inc.Sanofi and Astellas Pharma Inc. announced that the two companies agreed to dissolve sanofi-aventis Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Inc., a joint company of Sanofi and Astellas.

Sanofi-aventis Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Inc. was established in 1986, which shares are currently owned by a Sanofi's subsidiary (51%) and Astellas (49%). The joint company had exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute in Japan its cardiovascular agents Milrila® (generic name: milrinone) which was originated by Sanofi, and Astellas had been entrusted by the joint company to manufacture Milrila® and granted to distribute it.

However, from January 1, 2012 on, Sanofi Aventis US has directly granted Astellas to exclusively manufacture and distribute Milrila® in Japan without involving the joint company. As the result of this change, the joint company no longer has products to deal with. Since the joint company has ended its role, Sanofi and Astellas have decided to dissolve the joint company.