Covex S.A.Covex S.A., leader in the manufacture of products aimed at improving cerebral functions, successfully reaches the first stage of its introduction in Latin America, as it begins to harvest medicinal plants on an industrial scale, for the onset of its new agroindustrial expansion.

At the same time, Covex will transfer its patented technologies for the obtention of the pharmaceutical active ingredients. Dr. Fernando Calvo, President of Covex S.A., states: "This project will reap benefits, not only in terms of greater manufacturing competitiveness, but also in the form of social consequences in those countries where it is to be introduced."

Maria Eugenia Lima, President of Fundación Mujer y Familia Andina, Ecuadorian Farm workers Cooperative Organization associated with Covex, declares that the agricultural development reached has been a success, with highly satisfactory yields, thanks to the highly capable farm workers in Ecuador, alleviating the damaged profitability of the Ecuadorian coffee growers.

On his part, Fernando Posada, President of Extracciones Naturales S.A. de C.V. Mexico, another industrial partner of Covex, comments: "We are very satisfied about playing an integral part in this project, as our vast experience and the excellent quality of our facilities makes our company ideal for successfully receiving and introducing this technological transfer from Spain."

About Covex S.A.
Since 1977 Covex has specialized in R+D+i, production, and commercialization of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products aimed at improving brain functions, (memory, attention, etc.). These include the drug Vinpocetine Covex 5mg, and the nutraceuticals: Intelectol® or its award winning "Memory drinks" such as Memocafe® or Memotea®, Memocola®, etc.

After a quarter of a century of R+D+i, leading the way in the production of goods derived from the Vinca family in the world, Covex has been exporting since 1980, more than 95% of its production to 60 countries, and currently has subsidiaries abroad.

The business activity is based on price competitiveness and high quality, and on the immediate delivery of its products around the globe. The company presently possesses over 200 patents and trademarks in more than 100 countries.

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