Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: TEVA) announced that it has received notification from Allgemeinen Ortskrankenkassen (AOK), Germany's largest health insurance company, on the results of the most recent tender for finished dosage pharmaceutical products. Teva is very pleased to have been awarded a significant increase in the number of molecules for which it can contract to supply during 2008-2009; compared to the six products it was awarded in the first tender earlier this year.

This increase in contracted products with AOK, a health fund that represents 25 million of the approximately 70 million publicly insured people in Germany, will further increase Teva's presence in the German generic market. Germany is Europe's largest generic market with approximately EUR 8 billion of sales, based on IMS sales data.

The two tenders were the result of recent changes in Germany's legislation, which now entitles health funds to negotiate discounts for products directly with manufacturers. Manufacturers selected by AOK via its official bidding process will become one of three preferred suppliers of a specific finished dosage product over a two-year period. Preferred products will be selected by doctors and pharmacists prescribing and dispensing, respectively, to AOK patients.

At the request of AOK, Teva will provide additional details only after all formalities are finalized, which is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

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