The IT @ Networking Awards 2010

The goal of the IT @ Networking Awards 2010 (IT @ 2010), is to honour and promote outstanding healthcare IT solutions. The core aim of IT @ 2010 is to learn from the achievements of the very best IT installations on the globe.

Healthcare systems face unprecedented challenges: high-tech, high-cost medicine; ageing populations; increased patient mobility; staff shortages; and a financial crisis. Intelligent IT solutions increase cost-effectiveness, productivity and safety and help healthcare facilities to confront these problems.

IT @ 2010 brings these cutting edge innovations into the global spotlight and gives them the recognition and media attention they deserve. Their stories will inspire others, proving that challenges can be transformed into future opportunities and success stories.

The IT @ Networking Awards are founded on the belief that healthcare professionals, the daily users of IT solutions, are best placed to judge the value of new projects. Our unique peer to peer voting system empowers the attending healthcare professionals to vote for their preferred projects alongside the panel of expert judges.

Out of all submissions, only the 25 best solutions will qualify to become a Nominee. They will be invited to present in the first round MindByte session and will be awarded the prestigious IT @ 2010 Nominee Medal.

Each MindByte includes a five minute introductory presentation followed by a five minute lively Q&A. The qualifying audience will vote immediately after each presentation based on the following criteria:

1. The Importance of Technology
What technology was used and how it was integrated into the workplace?

2. Benefits
Has the project helped those it was designed to help?
Has the project changed how tasks are performed?
What new advantage(s) or opportunities does the project provide?

3. Originality
What makes the solution special?
Are there any original features?
Is it the first, the only, the best or the most effective application of its kind?
Is it an improvement on existing implementations?

4. Difficulty
What were the most important obstacles that had to be overcome?
Were there any technical or organisational problems?

5. Success
Has the project achieved or exceeded its goals?
How do you see the project's success affecting other applications, your facility or other organisations?
How quickly would the users accept this innovation?

6. Impact
What is your overall impression of the project?
Would you consider implementing this IT solution in your healthcare facility?

Only the nine top-rated Nominees will progress as Finalists into the next day WORKBENCH. This is a 30-minute in-depth presentation followed by a lively 15-minute Q&A discussion, providing the audience with a thorough understanding of the project.

The qualifying audience will vote immediately after each presentation to choose the winners. Finalists will be awarded the prestigious IT @ Networking Awards 2010 Finalist Medal.

The Prize
Out of the finalists, the top three IT solutions will be awarded a prize.

The winning project will receive:

  • the IT @ Networking Awards 2010 Trophy;
  • a cash prize of Euro 5,000, this is the world's highest remunerated healthcare IT award, and
  • media promotion in Europe's leading healthcare management media worth Euro 50,000.

The second project will receive:

  • the IT @ Networking Awards 2010 Trophy;
  • media promotion in Europe's leading healthcare management media worth Euro 25,000.

The third project will receive:

  • the IT @ Networking Awards 2010 Trophy.

Project Submission
All entries must already be implemented in at least one site and must be fully operable. All projects must be presented in accordance to the voting criteria.

Submission deadline is 25 June 2010.

All project submissions will be presented to the IT @ 2010 Review Committee. This Review Committee will decide the top 25 IT solutions that will become Nominees and will take part in the MindByte Session.

Secure your presence now and take advantage of early bird registration until 31 May 2010.

For further information and registration, please visit:

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